ASK THE WAXTHETICIAN™: I get waxed at the nail salon; why should I come to Waxuality?

Ask the Waxthetician is an ongoing series of questions that our customers ask.  If our fabulous customers are pondering these questions, maybe you are too.

 What is a Waxthetician? Well, we made that word up because it sounds awesome and we like it :-)  To us: a waxthetician is an esthetician who specializes in waxing.



Although some nail technicians are good at waxing, their license doesn't allow waxing. That is the number one reason that you shouldn't continue to go to them.  Nail technicians are not professionally or legally trained in hair removal or skin care.  They are operating outside of their scope of practice. Secondly, double dipping (using the same stick to apply wax) runs rampant in nail salons.  In the interest of cutting cost, they are spreading bacteria from one client to another.  You may have heard them say that the wax gets hot enough to kill bacteria however, to reach that temperature, wax would burn the client's skin. Improper procedure and techniques can cause redness, scarring, ingrown hairs, bumps, and worst of all. . .infection.  Waxuality is a body waxing salon that specializes in hair removal. Not only are we aware of the science of the skin and the proper way to remove hair, we are also all Licensed Estheticians. Most importantly, under no circumstances do we ever, ever double dip! Hope to see you soon : )



There are so many places that offer waxing services nowadays however, here are a few differences between Waxuality and those other places that you should know.  At Waxuality, we are all licensed Estheticians who have been extensively trained and educated on skincare and skincare services, including body waxing.  As estheticians, we have chosen to specialize in body waxing and how to perfect our technique in order to provide our clients with the best possible waxing experience that we can. When you go to a nail salon, most of the time they have no training or experience in body waxing.  Waxing is not what they concentrate on being the best at.  That alone can result in a service that is uncomfortable and unsanitary.  Most nail salons double dip their sticks into the wax, contaminating it and making it unhealthy and unclean for the next client to have used on them.   Consequently, it can turn out to be a painful and regrettable experience.  

At Waxuality we never, ever double dip!  We use only disposable supplies, such as disposable sticks, bed coverings, pillowcases, and more.  We listen to what our clients ask for and do the best we can in order to make sure that we give them exactly that. There are also hair salons and day spas that offer waxing services, but again, they aren't specializing in waxing which leads to tainted experiences and higher pricing.  At Waxuality, our aim is to be the best at body waxing and to also be affordable, so that all kinds of people can try waxing and actually keep doing it regularly as part of their grooming regimen.  You wouldn't go to a waxing salon to get your nails done, would you?  We don’t know how to do nails and we’d only be practicing on you.   In that same context, why go to a nail salon to get your waxing done? I can promise that if you give Waxuality a try, you will never go to a nail salon or expensive spa again for waxing.  When you see for yourself what it's like to have a waxing service done by a licensed professional that specializes in it, you won't let yourself or the people you care about settle for anything less!!