ASK THE WAXTHETICIAN™: Do men really get waxed?

Ask the Waxthetician is an ongoing series of questions that our customers ask.  If our fabulous customers are pondering these questions, maybe you are too.

 What is a Waxthetician? Well, we made that word up because it sounds awesome and we like it :-)  To us: a waxthetician is an esthetician who specializes in waxing.



Men get waxed a lot more often than you may think.  Many men do it simply for a more cleaner look. Some do it to prevent chafing, odors or that uncomfortable feeling of their pubic hair getting stuck in their underwear.  There have also been complaints of hair getting stuck in toilet paper as they wipe.  You’d also be surprised at how many men get waxed to please their partners.  Waxing has been rumored to afford for a more enjoyable sexual experience.  If you’re waxed, there is no need for their partner to stop to spit out stray hairs. :-)  Occupation and athletics are also other reasons that drive men to waxing; truck drivers, mailmen, construction workers, IT guys, cyclist, bodybuilders, martial artists, yogis, swimmers, professional football, basketball, and baseball players . . . you name it - they all get waxed!  Another thing about men that get waxed is, they tend to be very close-lipped about it.  It’s not a water cooler topic for them!  They are extremely selective in who they will allow to wax them and where they go to receive their services.  As a result, they tend to be our most loyal clients.  At Waxuality we offer a cozy, discrete environment that caters to a diverse clientele.  Men LOVE it here!   



A question that I am asked a lot is, "Do men really get waxing services??" The answer to that is, YES!! It's catching on, and men actually get waxed more often than you'd think.  Men have really started to care about their appearance and started to groom themselves much better lately.  Not just gay men, as it is often “assumed”, groom.  One’s desire to groom themselves is irrespective of sexual preference or gender identity. Men have begun to worry about how hairy their backs or chests are a lot more.   Shaving causes them the same problems that it causes women: ingrown hairs, bumps, itchy and uncomfortable skin.  As a more desirable alternative, they have started waxing so that they can have that touchable, smooth, hair-free skin, without the icky looking bumps and discomfort of using a razor.  Another service that is growing much more popular among men is the Brazilian wax. Guys are realizing the benefits of not having hair in that region.  It's not as hot down there without hair, which means less sweating and less odor.  It's not just them, but also their significant others, that are finding it much more attractive not to have all of that hair in the way of everything. I think that more men are thinking that there's got to be a reason why so many women come in for the Brazilian, so they want to try it out and see for themselves just how wonderful it can be!!  So the next time that the man in your life is complaining about having problems with shaving, or you are just tired of seeing him hairy, make him an appointment for a wax!! He will thank you for it!!