ASK THE WAXTHETICIAN™: What exactly is a Brazilian wax and what does the process entail?

Ask the Waxthetician is an ongoing series of questions that our customers ask.  If our fabulous customers are pondering these questions, maybe you are too.

 What is a Waxthetician? Well, we made that word up because it sounds awesome and we like it :-)  To us: a waxthetician is an esthetician who specializes in waxing.



After you have found a Waxthetician that you feel comfortable booking your appointment with for your Brazilian, here's what to expect!

When you arrive at the salon, you will be given a consent and a brief health screen form.  Once you complete the necessary paperwork, you will be greeted by your Waxthetician at which point he/she will show you to your room. He/she will instruct you to remove everything from the waist down.  You will be given a cleansing wipe if you need to wipe off, and a drape to cover you (disposable thongs are available for those who are uber discrete). The Waxthetician will step out to allow you privacy while you remove your clothing.  They will return when you let them know they are ready.  Upon returning the Waxthetician will sanitize their hands and apply gloves and check to make sure your hair is the appropriate length for waxing (1/4" if finer hair and 1/2" for coarse hair).  If your hair length is OK, you will be asked if you want to leave any hair (some people get a landing strip which is a line down middle, triangle, or other shape), the area will be cleansed, skin protectant will be applied to protect the skin and the waxing process will begin.

The Brazilian process consists of removing all hairs from the front to back including the anus. A thin layer of warm wax is applied with a disposable stick, in the direction of hair growth. A paper or cloth strip is applied; then pulled at a 40 degree angle to pull hair from its roots. Hard wax can also be used in which case it will be applied onto a section in a circular motion or figure 8, leaving a tab to pull. Once the wax dries it is pulled at the same angle as soft wax, and repeated until all hair is removed.  If residue wax is left, it is cleaned with a remover. The client will be given a warm towel to wipe off, and post care instructions to maintain your "fabulous Brazilian"!



Many people wonder exactly what a Brazilian wax is. They aren't sure exactly how the hair is taken off, if they have to have everything removed, if there are areas that are left behind, or how far to the back or sides it may go. It can definitely vary from person to person and based on what they prefer or are comfortable with.  Today we are going to talk about what a typical Brazilian wax entails. First, we will start off with the client lying flat on their back so that we can remove the hair in the area up front, between the hip bones and down to the top of the lip area. Some people will ask to leave a strip or a triangle, and some wish to have everything taken off. We do whatever the client prefers and tailor the experience to suit their personal needs. After that, your waxthetician will ask you to pull your knees up to your chest and hold them there, all while still laying on your back. This is so that we are able to get a clear view of the buttock area and have the skin there pulled tight in order to properly, and as painlessly as we can, remove the hair.  Everything between the cheeks and up to the lip area will be removed.  Contrary to what you may believe, this part is probably the most painless area to be waxed!! Once we are done with the backside, we will move on to the area in the middle. You will be asked to put your legs back down and lie flat on your back again, and point either one or both of your legs out to the side (like butterfly wings). This is when we will remove all of the hair from your upper thigh area a few inches down from the crease where your leg and genital area meet, and the lip area. This area tends to make people the most nervous, but it is really much easier than what you might think. After all of this area is done, and all of the hair has been completely removed, your Brazilian wax is finished!! All in all, a Brazilian wax is quick and relatively easy!  You will definitely love the results and be happy you made the decision to get it done. I recommend that everyone try a Brazilian at least once in their lifetime, even if it is just for the sake of trying something new. I promise that when you are hair free for up to 4 weeks and you don't have to worry about bumps and itchiness you will never want to go back to shaving again!!